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Shout Out to Green Acres Staff Behind the Scenes!

We would like take some time to recognize the incredible work our staff are doing 24/7 across our lodges to support our residents through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are a few examples, and truly only a sampling, of the massive coordination efforts that are taking place behind the scenes to help us function during this pandemic:

  • On top of their regular cleaning duties, staff are working harder than ever to ensure all contact surfaces are disinfected to keep staff and residents safe.
  • Meal service has been organized to ensure that residents are abiding by the social distancing protocols. In some cases, we have created additional meal seating times to ensure social distancing.
  • Care staff are tirelessly providing care to the residents throughout the day and are following AHS’ protocols to keep themselves safe and to prevent spreading any illnesses.
  • Activities for the residents have been planned to allow for smaller group participation with 2 meter distancing.
  • To mitigate the risk of staff shortages, we are hiring additional staff.
  • Staff complete the COVID-19 questionnaire prior to entry into the site.
  • No visitors are given access to the site.

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