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We thank everyone for their co-operation in this unusual time. Here you can find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions:


Q: Are visitors allowed in the lodges or apartments at this time?

A: No visitors are allowed in our lodges or apartments at this time to lessen the risk of bringing in COVID-19 to our senior residents.

Q: If I cannot visit, how can I contact my loved one?

A: We offer a messaging service on our website that allows you to send any written, picture, or video message to any resident. Once the message is received, a staff member will ensure your message is provided to your loved one and give them a copy of the picture or show them the video.

Q: What procedures have you put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19?


  • Enhanced disinfecting protocols in all our locations, with a particular focus on high contact items in the common areas three times daily. On top of their regular cleaning duties, staff are working harder than ever to ensure all contact surfaces are disinfected to keep staff and residents safe. High touch points in resident suites are also disinfected.
  • Meal service has been organized to ensure that residents are abiding by the physical distancing protocols. In some cases, we have created additional meal seating times to ensure physical distancing.
  • Care staff are tirelessly providing care to the residents throughout the day and are following AHS’ protocols to keep themselves safe and to prevent spreading any illnesses. This includes continuous masking of care staff.
  • Residents are screened on a daily basis to check for any developing symptoms.
  • To mitigate the risk of staff shortages, we are hiring additional staff.
  • Staff complete the on-line COVID-19 questionnaire prior to coming to work; as well as staff are screened again before allowed entry into the site and again mid-way through their shift.
  • No visitors are given access to the site.

Q: What is available for the residents to do, since outside entertainment has been halted?

A: Activities for the residents have been planned to allow for smaller group participation with 2 meter distancing. We have also been able to have entertainers play music for the residents outside on the patios.

Q: Where can I find COVID-19 related updates?

A:  The best source of COVID-19 Information can be found at

We release our own updates here on our website as well as on our Facebook page at Please check back regularly for further updates.

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