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COVID-19 – Update #4

Our residents have continued to remain safe from COVID-19 thanks to the diligence of the staff, the family members, and also the residents themselves. Thank you for helping to minimize the risk and flatten the curve.

Although the Alberta government has a phased relaunch plan, we must be extra diligent and continue precautionary measures to keep the senior population safe. Our plan will look different than other public places as we keep in mind that our facilities are home to our residents.

Here you can find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions:


Q: Are visitors allowed in the lodges or apartments at this time?

A: Visitors are not allowed in our lodges or apartments at this time to reduce the risk of bringing in COVID-19 to our senior residents.

Q: If I cannot visit, how can I contact my loved one?

A: We offer a messaging service on our website that allows you to send any written, picture, or video message to any resident. The residents have really enjoyed getting their printed messages and videos. Please keep them coming.

A designated essential visitor, plus one other visitor are also able to visit from outside the lodge building. This must be pre-arranged with the manager of the site, so please phone well ahead of time. Some buildings have outside areas suitably set up for social-distanced visits, while others allow for visits through the windows. Masks must be worn by all parties including the residents, and the 2 meter physical distance guideline must be followed.

Q: My mother/father is a resident, can she/he attend church with me this weekend?

A: Although we understand that the residents wish to return to some of the public activities they previously attended, we strongly discourage such outings as it increases exposure for all the residents of the building. We understand that essential outings such as visits to the doctor’s office for urgent needs are occurring, and we appreciate your diligence in following the recommended masking and hand-sanitizing to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Q: Can I bring gifts, food, or other items when I come for an outdoors visit?

A: No. While we realize that you want to bring a coffee or flowers to the residents, we cannot allow the exchange of goods in order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

If you have a parcel for a resident, please make arrangements with the manager to have the parcel left in the vestibule for proper disinfecting. We appreciate the extra care and caution family members take to wash hands when preparing an item.

Q: I have to take my loved one to a doctor’s appointment. What are the “safe transportation” protocols?

You are required to disinfect your vehicle, especially high touch points (like door handles, window mechanisms etc.) before having the resident enter. Both the driver and the resident must be masked at all times (we will provide the mask for the resident). To ensure physical distancing, the resident should sit in the rear seat alone, if possible.

Q: Am I able to arrange special entertainment for my loved one or for a lodge?

A: Yes, the residents love entertainment. Please arrange this with the manager in advance.

Q: Are hairdressers coming into the lodges?

A: Yes, the managers are making arrangements to offer hairdressing services in the lodges. The hairdressers will follow specific guidelines and both parties will be required to wear masks.


We are working hard to disinfect and keep physical distance, while still providing a warm and pleasant home environment for residents.

If you are looking for official COVID-19 updates, information can be found


We release our own updates here on our website as well as on our Facebook page at Please check back regularly for further updates.

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