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It Takes a Whole Community to Keep COVID-19 Out

Please help keep our sites safe. A single infected person can put an entire facility and all our residents and staff at risk. As our sites allow certain visitation, we all need to do our part to keep residents and staff safe.

  • Staff: trained in use of personal protective equipment
  • Management: follows public health guidelines
  • Residents & visitors: wear masks, practice hygiene, and physical distancing
  • Designated family / support persons & visitors: commit to doing their part outside of visiting time

  1. Get Involved
  2. We need you as a partner in keeping your loved ones and our staff safe.

        • What are you doing to protect yourself, your family, and your cohorts?
        • Have you limited your cohort group to 15 or less people?
        • Are you committed to the protection of all residents and staff by abiding by safe protocols?

  3. Know Our Site Risks

Each site has unique risks, depending on its residents and building design. Some factors that increase the risk for COVID-19 infection and spread are:

  • Residents aged 70 and up
  • Large number of people 80+ years, or more frail or sick people
  • Residents with dementia
  • Buildings with more than 100 residents
  • Large common areas where residents gather
  • Multilevel sites with elevators
  • Many resident outings and visitors
  • Physical layout of sites limits ability to ensure physical distancing

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