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COVID-19 Update

The Province declared a state of public health emergency on November 27, 2020. We at GAF continue to be vigilant in our efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as we follow all mandatory restrictions and public health measures. We also appreciate that the messaging can be confusing. When in doubt, please choose the safest option for yourself, your loved ones, and the community. You can also refer to the Alberta Government website for timely updates.

Please see below for general information about our current procedures:

  • While residents are allowed to leave their lodge, we strongly discourage unnecessary outings as it increases exposure for all the residents of the building. We understand that essential outings such as visits to the doctor’s office for urgent needs are occurring, and we appreciate everyone’s diligence in following recommended masking and hand-sanitizing to reduce the spreading of COVID-19.
  • General visitation is not allowed in our lodges at this time. The resident can name two designated family/support persons who may pre-arrange entry with the manager of the site. Please phone well ahead of time to make arrangements. Designated family/support persons must go to the resident’s suite only. Masks must be worn by all parties including the resident, and the two meter physical distance guideline must be followed.
    • With the current provincial enhanced public health measures, it is strongly recommended that designated family/support persons visits happen virtually. If your loved one does not own a device for virtual visits, we have iPads and headsets available at the lodges to assist in connecting you to your loved ones. Please book the iPads ahead of time with the site manager.
  • All staff members are assessed for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter the lodge. If they are unable to pass the screening questions, they are not allowed onsite and must immediately self-isolate and wait for testing like all Albertans. Residents are also asked to complete the daily checklists to self-assess possible symptoms. At the care sites, our care staff complete daily screening on our residents.
  • Staff are required to be continually masked while working in the lodge. Those staff who have direct contact with residents also wear eye protection.
  • New Residents are still being accepted into our lodges. If a new resident moves into one of our buildings, their risk of unknown exposure shall be evaluated. The majority of residents will be required to wear a mask anytime they are not in their suite for the first 14 days after moving in.
  • Group activities in the lodge allow small groups of residents to participate in low risk activities while wearing masks and maintaining their physical distancing.
  • Enhanced disinfecting procedures are being followed for all locations, focusing on high touch items in the common areas and resident suites.

We are working hard to disinfect and keep physical distance, while still providing a warm and pleasant home environment for residents.

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