Green Acres Foundation is the trusted and
affordable choice for quality housing and services


What is the cost?

Green Acres Foundation is committed to providing affordable housing and quality services.  We have a range of sites that offer choices in costs, room sizes, and amenities.  We can assist you to choose the right residence for your needs and budget.

Is there a waitlist?  How soon will a suite be available?

We cannot predict when a suite will be available.  Therefore, it is advisable to submit your application to be put on the waitlist.  We can then update you on the current status of your application as vacancies occur at your desired site(s).

What is the square footage of the suites?

Suite sizes vary from lodge to lodge.  We encourage you to tour the sites to see the suites for yourself.  Sample suite plans are also available to view on each facility’s information page on the website.

Will we be able to live as a couple?

GAF sites have options for couples that include one bedroom suites to enable couples to remain together.  If one of the couple requires health care services and the other does not, we are able to accommodate you as a couple at our Supportive Living sites, eliminating the need to be separated.

Can I bring my vehicle?

Resident parking is available at all of our sites for an additional fee.

Will I be able to come and go as I please?

All of our facilities are designed for independent living – there are no curfews or restrictions for residents, unless dictated by care requirements at Supportive Living sites.

Will my family be able to visit when it’s convenient for them?

This is your home and your family and friends are encouraged to visit when convenient for you.  However, visiting is discouraged during the quiet time between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., as it is disruptive to other residents.

Are pets allowed?

At select sites, and at the discretion of Management, a small dog or cat may be allowed.

Will I be required to have a medical assessment to move into a GAF facility?

Yes, we require medical questionnaire to be completed by your physician as part of our application process.  This ensures that residents’ chosen accommodation best fits their needs.

Do you provide meals for special diets?

We do offer options for diabetic meals and food allergies, but cannot accommodate special diets.

Will I be required to sign a lease or pay a damage deposit?

Each resident is required to sign a Residency & Service Agreement (lodges) or Residential Lease (apartments) which outlines the terms and conditions of their residency.  These are month-to-month agreements with a notice period of one full calendar month.  Damage deposits are not required.  However, residents shall be responsible to pay for damages over and above normal wear and tear.

What is “functional independence”?

Functional independence is the physical, mental, and emotional ability to look after your own personal needs, make your own decisions, and be able to interact socially with other residents.

Examples of functional independence include:

  • Cognitive ability to live independently
  • Maintaining your suite in a tidy, uncluttered condition
  • Managing your medications personally or with appropriate assistance
  • Maintaining appropriate personal hygiene
  • Willing and able to follow the residency agreement
  • Self-ambulating
  • Continence or self-managed incontinence
  • Living amicably with fellow residents and staff
  • May arrange for Home Care assistance with scheduled tasks/activities

When is the right time to consider a move to seniors’ housing?

All of our housing options are available to seniors aged 65 and over.  Some examples of when seniors are ready for a move:

  • maintaining a house and yard becomes too much to manage
  • they find it more difficult to be socially active in their community and they miss the social engagement
  • they are uncomfortable living alone and are seeking a safe, secure home
  • they are not able or motivated to cook nutritious meals for themselves