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Supportive Living

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Supportive Living

Green Acres Foundation maintains Supportive (Designated Supportive Living/DSL3) Lodge Residences that provide our residents with a continued active lifestyle while offering personal care support on a 24-hour basis for seniors requiring more care than a standard Retirement Lodge.  The Designated Supportive Living program is a partnership between the Foundation and Alberta Health Services (AHS); residents must be assessed and referred by an AHS Home Care Case Manager and meet our eligibility criteria prior to residency approval.

Home Care will outline a care plan to meet the resident’s needs and those personal care services will be provided by Green Acres Foundation Health Care Aides.

Seniors who are medically and physically stable but require assistance with their daily living activities, who are not a risk to self or others, and can move independently, or with the assistance of one other person, may be comfortable in a Supportive Living Lodge.