Alberta Rose

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Brenda McDonald

Brenda McDonald

2251 - 32nd Street South
Lethbridge, AB
T1K 4J9

(403) 327-5745

My name is Brenda McDonald and  I am proud to be the Manager of the Alberta Rose Lodge.   I would like to take this time to welcome you to our wonderful facility.

The Alberta Rose is on the South end of the city in a very convenient location close to shopping, restaurants and banking.  The Lodge was built in 1977 however over the years has been renovated and has been very well maintained.  We offer 24-hour non-medical independent living here at the Rose.  Our well trained team of staff members are very dedicated and are pleased to offer you a high quality of services in all areas from cleanliness, activities and great meals.  I am confident that you will find the Alberta Rose Lodge a safe, secure place to call home. 

For more information and to schedule a tour of our facility please give us a call.  I look forward to meeting you, your family and your friends.

Look forward to seeing you soon!.


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Located in a quiet neighborhood in the vibrant southeast corner of Lethbridge, Alberta Rose Lodge is perfectly situated to enjoy the comfort of a residential location with ready access to the city’s major retail area and highway routes to southern Alberta and the US.  Shopping, banking, and a pharmacy are within easy walking distance and a bus stop is conveniently located just across the street for easy access to the rest of the city.

With 47 well-designed and comfortable rooms, a welcoming and active community spirit, healthy prepared meals, and a staff committed to meeting residents’ needs, Alberta Rose Lodge is a great place to live.  We are dedicated to promoting a healthy, active, and independent lifestyle with the comfort and security of home.

In partnership with the Lethbridge Regional Hospital Foundation, Alberta Rose Lodge also offers guest rooms to patients undergoing treatment at the Lethbridge Regional Hospital or the Jack Ady Cancer Treatment Centre and their families at a very affordable rate.

Alberta Rose Lodge offers single rooms, couple suites, and barrier-free spaces, which include:

  • private four-piece bathroom
  • personally controlled thermostats
  • emergency call system
  • fire-suppression sprinkler system

Basic Services

  • 24-hour security
  • 24-hour staff
  • Bus outings
  • Emergency call systems
  • Maintenance
  • Meals and snacks prepared by qualified chefs
  • Utilities
  • Weekly light housekeeping and linen change service
  • Wide variety of activities scheduled by an Activity Coordinator including community outings, exercise program, entertainment, crafts, and special events

Additional Services

  • Digital cable
  • Hairdressing services
  • Home care will provide personal care services such as assistance with bathing and help with dressing, etc. Community Care will assess residents upon request and determine personal care requirements.
  • Medication assistance
  • Parking
  • Personal laundry service
  • Podiatry service
  • Residents are responsible for individual telephone and internet service.

Amenities List

  • Assisted tub room
  • Barrier free accessible
  • Central dining area
  • Complimentary shared laundry facilities
  • Computer Station with Internet Access
  • Courtyard
  • Fitness room
  • Free Wi-Fi service
  • Kitchenettes and lounges
  • Large screen televisions
  • Lounge area
  • Open and bright activity and common areas
  • Pool table
  • Tuck shop


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  • AB Rose2
  • AB Rose3
  • AB Rose4
  • AB Rose5
  • AB Rose6
  • AB Rose7
  • AB Rose8

I am happy to be living at the Alberta Rose Lodge. This lodge is a home within a home. Good meals and a clean home are provided by friendly, capable staff members.

I like the security and my independence. I feel that I owe it to myself and my family to live here where I get the help I need.

Resident - Mildred J.

On August 5th, 2012, it will be two years since I moved to Alberta Rose Lodge. I testify that this lodge is magnificently managed and the staff are superb beyond comparison. My wife and
I looked at two other lodges in Lethbridge before we chose Alberta Rose. There are lots of activities and outings and the people are wonderful.

Resident - Robert B.

I came to Alberta Rose Lodge not knowing what this way of life would be like. I found it to be my home. I settled in so well. All the staff are so caring, our home is well-kept inside and out. Our activities keep us busy. I’m happy and content in my choice of home, which makes my family happy for me and themselves.

Resident - Isabel J.

I moved into Alberta Rose Lodge so I would have nutritious meals. It was the best move I could have made. I got the meals that I needed plus a lot more. The people that work here are wonderful. They're helpful, friendly, and humorous. They make Alberta Rose Lodge a wonderful place to call home.

We have a great activity coordinator who keeps us busy with different activities. There is a beautiful patio to relax on in good weather. I am so grateful to have such a nice place to live my senior years in.

Resident - Della T.

A few years have passed since we moved from our house I’m beginning to feel more tired and so is my spouse.  Is it time for another move? Well we’ll think about that.  Shall we take the big step – or stay where we’re at? We have friends in a Lodge and they like it just fine Are we jumping the gun? Well maybe it’s time.  “Move to a Lodge?” Our kids think we’re crazy “You’re not getting old – you’re just getting lazy.”  If we get up in the morning and everything fits, If our names aren’t there when we read the obits We still have that day to live how we might. We’ll make it a good one – treat everyone right.

So we decided to move – I knew that we would.  It means more freedom for us and that sounds real good.  At times it seems like a fishbowl with this big family And as everyone knows, families don’t always agree. Someone wakes up one morning, feels crank and mean Won’t be nice to anyone – they make quite a scene. But it’s soon over and done with and everything’s fine; If we pay no attention they soon fall back into line.

All or requests keep the kitchen staff on the go; How they put up with our complaints I really don’t know.  “I don’t want any asparagus, the sauce is too thick.”  “No mushroom soup for me, mushrooms make me feel sick.” “Just half the potatoes, but pile on the cauliflower And take away the mil – I’m sure it’s turning sour.”  “I’ll have a piece of white toast but it must be made fresh.  I don’t like to be fussy, but that’s how it’s the best.”  “I’ll have gravy on my potatoes but not on my meat.”  “Please take away that dessert, it’s so terribly sweet.

Now Yumara and Amanda come in for their share.  Whenever you need them you will find they are there.  With so many problems each day they must cope,  To keep everyone happy they haven’t a hope.  “That gal on the computer – is she coming this way?  She’ll ask the same questions, can’t recall a thing we say.”  “I’ve typed it all out for her, it’s as plain as can be. We must learn to be patient, just between you and me.”  We play card games and bingo, then we bowl to stay fit, Manicures to pamper us when we just want to sit.  Mystery bus rides – who knows where we will end,  Good music to entertain us with lots of old friends.

Last but not least there is Adrian. He can fix anything From a leaky shower head to a stubborn bathtub ring. When the treadmill tries to throw us like a mean bucking bull,  He simply gives this knob a shove and that one a pull.  We find if we wake in the morning and everything fits,  And if our name isn’t there when we read the obits,  We still have that day to live however we might. We can make it a good one – treat everyone right.  Our life is just how we like it and it’s perfectly clear  This is where we choose to live year after year after year.

Resident - Fern L.

I enjoy working at Alberta Rose Lodge first and foremost for the residents -- they are wonderful people to work with!  It is a smaller lodge so I feel I can get to know each resident better, which is something that enjoy, as well as the cozy ‘at home’ atmosphere.  Alberta Rose has a great staff team which I am happy and excited to be a part of; everyone helps everyone and is there 100% for the residents, which is great to see.

Being part of the Green Acres Foundation has been a new experience for me because there are nine other Lodges with Activity Coordinators that are available to swap ideas, ask questions, and work together with, who see things from completely different perspectives.  There are also great benefits for the staff as well as fun little incentive programs going on every month.

Staff - Amanda S.