• Independent Living

    Green Acres believes in seniors maintaining as much independence as possible. Our residences and services are built around this belief.

  • Affordability

    Green Acres Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing excellent, affordable housing and services to seniors in Lethbridge and area since 1960.

  • Meal Preparation and Housekeeping

    All of our lodges offer meals and housekeeping services.

  • Community

    Residents enjoy the friendly, cheerful atmosphere where they can entertain friends and family, socialize, enjoy group activities, or relax on their own.

  • Safety

    From emergency call systems in rooms and bathrooms, to medication assistance programs and 24-hour staff, Green Acres Foundation emphasizes the safety of each of our residents.

  • Security

    Feel secure, knowing that our lodges are monitored and staffed 24-hours per day.

  • Activities and Excursions

    Live life to the fullest again! Green Acres Foundation residences are vibrant communities offering scheduled activities and excursions suited to the diverse interests of our residents.

  • Convenience

    Bus transportation to shopping, plug-in parking, complimentary washers & dryers... amenities and convenience are at the heart of Green Acres Foundation living.

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How Do I Apply For
A Green Acres Suite?

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Green Acres Foundation maintains Lodge Residences that promote a healthy lifestyle and provide a great place to live. We are committed to meeting the needs of seniors today and in the future by offering varying levels of services and accommodation while managing our facilities to exceed the highest current standards. Our Lodges are conveniently located near shopping, medical clinics, financial institutions, and restaurants, as well as local leisure and entertainment facilities.


Enhanced Services Lodges

Green Acres Foundation maintains Enhanced Services Lodge Residences that offer personal care services on a 24-hour basis for seniors requiring a higher level of care than available in a standard Lodge environment.  The Enhanced Services Lodge program is a partnership agreement between the Foundation and Alberta Health Services; residents must be assessed and referred by Alberta Health Services and meet our eligibility criteria prior to residency approval.  These Residences encourage a continued active lifestyle for those requiring personal care services.


Designated Assisted Living Lodges

Self-Contained Lodge Suites

Green Acres Foundation Self-Contained Lodge Suites promote an independent lifestyle and provide a great place to live now and in the future. One bedroom suites with full kitchens offer self-sufficient residents the ability to cook for themselves while providing optional flexible meal and housekeeping services.   Pemmican East is conveniently located near shopping, medical clinics, financial institutions, and restaurants, as well as local leisure and entertainment facilities.



Green Acres Foundation apartments offer one-bedroom apartment suites to seniors 65 and older who wish to maintain their own residences without the worry of yard work or maintenance. These comfortable, private apartments include stove, fridge, plug-in parking, on-site laundry facilities, as well as indoor and outdoor recreation areas for social gatherings. Select facilities also have private entrances and individual patios. Spacious, beautifully landscaped grounds add to the reasons why our residents love their apartment and cottage homes.



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