Green Acres Foundation is the trusted and
affordable choice for quality housing and services

Independent Living

Green Acres believes in seniors maintaining as much independence as possible. Our residences and services are built around this belief.


Green Acres Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing excellent, affordable housing and services to seniors in Lethbridge and area since 1960.

Meal Preparation and Housekeeping

All of our lodges offer meals and housekeeping services.


Residents enjoy the friendly, cheerful atmosphere where they can entertain friends and family, socialize, enjoy group activities, or relax on their own.


From emergency call systems in rooms and bathrooms, to medication assistance programs and 24-hour staff, Green Acres Foundation emphasizes the safety of each of our residents.


Feel secure, knowing that our lodges are monitored and staffed 24-hours per day.

Activities and Excursions

Live life to the fullest again! Green Acres Foundation residences are vibrant communities offering scheduled activities and excursions suited to the diverse interests of our residents.


Bus transportation to shopping, plug-in parking, complimentary washers & dryers... amenities and convenience are at the heart of Green Acres Foundation living.

How Do I Apply For
A Green Acres Suite?

Click here to send a message, photo, or video to our residents.

The Board of Directors and CEO of Green Acres Foundation want to send out a massive “thank you” to all of our dedicated staff who have been working tirelessly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The Green Acres team has really taken to heart the seriousness of keeping our residents safe and well. These sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. We understand how difficult all of these changes have been and sincerely appreciate the extra effort each staff member has put forth. We could not do this without you. Thank you!